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Daox, man... you've had this site up for 10 years now? Congrats.

I guess I'm stopping in to say hi. I browse occasionally still, and get the emails so I skim them.

From my house perspective... I'm equally efficient and not. I run a ton of fridges/freezers for varying hobbies (wine/beer... eating), and have a fairly automated/smart home, so there's lots of pieces drawing constant extra electric (and the ecobee... actually cost me FAR more on its first winter in my house), but... appliances I can/have replaced are low energy usage (LED bulbs and the like), extra insulation, etc.

I can't convince myself to pull the trigger on Solar. Roof age being part of it (<10 years till being replaced). Houses not built to support that extra weight. (I've moved, I'm in an early '90s house now). And still waiting on tech to match 'my' wants.

I'm still tinkering with gardens. Started over, scaled down, but far too many rabbits in my neighborhood... and apparently squirrels stealing things too.

Car wise.. the 25mpg Scion is gone, and replaced with a '17 Prius Prime. So, again, more electric, but... FAR less gas (2000-3000 miles per tank).

Anyway, Hi again! I'll swing back through in a few years
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