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Default Ikea Reading Lights Live in the Kitchen

My girlfriend (who is an awesome cook) has a kitchen that is lighted with dreadful fluorescent tube lights, that leave a horrible shadow when she was standing at the stove cooking. She has grown accustomed to the dreadful situation, and has actually protested at the idea that her lighting could be improved.

Finally, I made the executive decision that I would put in an economic solution to the lighting shadow in area around the stove. I told her that my only problem was going to be her constant expressions of gratitude due to the improved lighting.

I picked up three Ikea clip-on goose-neck LED lamps, that were intended to be clipped to the headboard of a bed, for night time reading.

I got a piece of clear fir 1" X 4", that spanned the width of the kitchen, high on the wall, over her stove. I attached the lumber with two anchor bolts, and spaced it away from the wall about 5/8", so the lamp clips would fit behind. Using this method allowed changing the number of lamps and the spacing of the lamps, so that the light could be precisely targeted.

The lamps have a generous cord length and a transformer at the end. I switched each light "ON" and plugged the the transformers into a switched plug strip, which makes the plug strip the light switch.

So with the lights on, I spaced and aimed the lights where the light pattern would be most useful.

Results were very positive, and now my girlfriend can actually see what she is cooking! What a concept!!

I was right about, " only problem was going to be her constant expressions of gratitude due to the improved lighting."

But that is a problem we both enjoy!



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