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This discussion, but it has veered so far off the original question that it seems to be answering a completely different question all together.

Let me start again...

I don't want to create new technology.

I don't want to roll my own, if there is available equipment to do what I want.

I just want to co-ordinate my media boxes and enjoy various forms of audio and video (I almost never watch TV... too polluted, too stupid), without having a room heater.

I do not want a big-watt solution, even of it reproduces the subtle essences of music.

I am not interested in tubes. I grew up with tubes, that was enough for me.

I know that 10 or 20 watts is more than I require.

I do not want a stack of equipment that sucks down 100 watts, just waiting to see if if I'm going to push the 'on button'.

I like the HDMI idea because it reduces the cord count. My TV has 3 HDMI connectors that work OK, but I don't want to have the TV sucking down power just so that I can listen to my FM tuner.

I included the picture of the tiny amp to give you an idea of something that could do the amplification.

Perhaps the ideal would be just getting a pre-amp unit. I have a dandy tuner already. I also have some legacy stuff that I occasionally need to use, to retrieve fragments from, in order to convert to digital for editing.

The current A/V amp catastrophe that I mentioned before, has only one RCA input (R & L). It has bluetooth, I work with bluetooth just fine, but if I just want to find a 10 second segment from an old cassette or VCR, I don't want to find a bluetooth transmitter dongle, go through the 'pairing dance' too.

I have a very nice surround sound video switcher with no amp (but no HDMI), and it sucks down 30 watts just sitting still... but it does have gold-plated connectors.

In my desperation, I have even thought of finding an A/V box with HDMI switching and analog inputs, and performing a surgical amplifier-removal on it, because I know that the huge transformer alone is going to drink up power, but the complexity of developing a power supply to replace the amplifier's transformer that formerly powered the logic, was too overwhelming... I am already whelmed enough... I don't need any more whelming.

Maybe I am at the forefront of a general realization that we have been sold a load of power-sucking goods, that have very marginal returns, regarding the quality of our lives.

So, to clarify, I know all I need to know about amplifier theory.

Right now, switching seems to be the biggest obstacle.

BTW, I have a nice Hafler 220 for sale.


I'm not an HVAC technician. In fact, I'm barely even a hacker...
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