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Default Search for Lo-Power Hi-Fi...

I use my A/V stuff alot. I really enjoy it because it has brought me a lot of pleasure and also has much educational value (I try to avoid mindless time-suck).

I recently bought what I thought would be a very useful A/V box that would give me HDMI switching (Denon AVR-S500BT). It appeared to have useful features, some of which seemed like they could be valuable in the future (fatal thinking, as it turns out). The box did things I didn't really care about, and didn't do many of the things I really do care about, and consumed WAY TOO MUCH POWER and then it died.

It is presently on it's second warrantee trip to some distant Service Center. It's really racking up the miles, while I grow tired of carrying dead equipment back to the post office. The best I can hope for is that I will finally get a working unit that still doesn't suit my needs.

In contrast to this, I bought a tiny amp for my computer that is cheap, quiet and works just fine.

2 x 15 Watt 4 Ohm Class D Digital Audio Amplifier TA2024 15W Stereo Mini T Amp | eBay

It works wonderfully to amplify sound & music from my PC.

So, I'm thinking about something that would have more flexibility (HDMI switching, multiple inputs, etc.) to use for my main A/V system, that would be very simple, and consume very little power.

I have some efficient speakers, and I have recovered from the 'Home Theater' virus. Stereo is just fine.

Anyone else working along these lines?



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