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The shop, built with SIPS did very well over the winter. The minimum temp, with no supplementary heating was 41F (according to wife). This is likely due to the paver floor (large thermal mass), ground temp of about 61F, very low air infiltration and high wall/roof R values.

Next project is to put on about 10kW of PV panels. Shop is oriented due solar south with roof pitch of 3/12 (14 degrees). Not an ideal pitch, but changing it to maximize yearly power production was only ~ 2%.

Here in Oklahoma, we are a split state with approximately equal summer and winter degree days. We use geothermal systems so we use a lot of winter kWhrs. The local electric coop does a yearly roll over on the anniversary of the install, so any unused kWhrs get lost. Net metering is all I have so I will not be putting in a system to do 100%, but about 50% for now.

Been gone for a few months on job with very limited internet so it is good to be back with a 3M download.

Just in time for mud season!

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