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Default how to get Outback inverter to auto start champion generator

I'm looking for a way to rig a new champion generator 3500 /4000 watt model to auto start via Outback 3524. There are auto starts available on line starting at $250! My budget won't allow that for a while. The generator also has an automatic choke and a nifty WiFi key start.

The Outback inverter has a aux contact which can turn power off and on. My Midnite classic charge controller could serve this function too, I think. Both are good enough to activate a relay.

So that's what I have to work with. I also have several solid state relays and delayed relays to throw into the pile.

Turning the run circuit on is easy enough and the automatic choke has taken care of that.

The only real task is going to be turning the starter on and off when the engine starts.

I'd like to hear some ideas, good or bad. Someone here must have been up against this brick wall before. Thanks!

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