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AC Hacker and others

We have heat. The temp this morn. was -22 Deg. C. The office floor temp had risen to the set back temp of 15 Deg. The shop I left off and I had decided to start it this morn as I started work, BURRRR. Shop dropped to 4 Deg. C but by lunch 12 Deg. C. Tolerable. After 2-3 more hrs. and the shop will hit 18 Deg.C Costing about $4.45 in Electrical cost.

I did have a problem with the one original relay it was well used out of my parts box. It had a burnt contact and had been intermitted which caused a little grief. E-bay came through with some very nice relays as well I had installed some varistors to help reduce the contact arcing from motor induction. The controller will need some tie-wraps and neatening but another day. The DIY heat-pump is operating so nicely. The independent control of the office floor and shop temp in conjunction with the thermostats set at the appropriate temps. Nice.

My mind went to thinking Hmm almost time for a cover to finish the machine off.!!!

The sun is shining full bore would have been nice to have the other facet of the project operational. Even without the cover sheet the copper riser fin is quite warm. "No wind"


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