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Tornado in Arcadia (my home town) yesterday! Even in December, Oklahoma can have tornados. It was small F0 and touched down briefly about 6 miles south of my farm. The tv weather people were overjoyed!

The vast majority of Oklahoma tornados are in the weak to moderate category (F0- F3). It is the super ones F5 that hit Moore OK that appropriately make news. The key is to build to minimize roof lift, prevent corner racking, and to hold down the structure on the foundation plate. Metal roof to minimize hail and you are set to withstand much of what mother nature throws you.

A bit of help here. I now have e-mail on my phone and have many pictures of the shop on that phone. But I can't seem to send those pictures to myself on the desktop (sending a message to the same e-mail address). Can someone send me a PM on this?

Feeling rather stupid, but my daughter could not even figure this out!

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