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Default Hmmmm...

Originally Posted by insaneintenti0n View Post
Install Cost:
Central A/C including duct work installed quote: ~$13k
Mini Split: $16.6k

Hmm, If I had to spend 16 grand on HVAC, it had better run off atomic or solar energy and not cost a dime to run! Second choice would be ground source, and I better not have to do anything except sign checks.

Yes, they're are WAY quieter than a window/wall unit, luckily, but, they still wake me in the middle of the night as the compressor kicks on and the freon flows. Winter months are the worst as it's a loud 'tick', rather than just the normal drone of a window unit.

I can also hear one of the outside units kick on when the compressor kicks on and the fan spins up. That unit IS under a set of windows though.

Your mistake for locating outdoor unit at the head of your bed.

Already had a entire outdoor unit replaced (<6 months). Compressor died. Luckily under warranty and not out of my pocket, but, probably would have been a $4k cost w/o a warranty.

Mitsubishi Mr Slim
MXZ-2B20NA (2T) - Qualified for Fed tax credit
MXZ-4B36NA (3.6T) - Did not qualify for the tax credit
Total Capacity = 56000 BTU
MSZ-GE09NA x2 (9k BTU)
MSZ-GE06NA x4 (6k BTU)
Total Capacity = 42000 BTU

Total mismatch = 14000 BTU

My big question here is: why didn't you just put all the same indoor units in?

2 x 9k on a 20k odu = 2k mismatch
4 x 9k on a 36k odu = 0k mismatch

Running many zones takes a balancing act to run efficiently. For example, the zones that gobble up heat and cooling should share one unit. The other unit should hardly ever run. Kind of like a primary and a backup heat source. No idea on which zones use what load, but it doesn't take much science to figure out. If you have your system(s) rigged that way, it will save you money. Even with a 1 ton mismatch.


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