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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
How difficult would you say installing the unit was?

Who could accomplish this feat?

How would you say your mini-split of comparable wattage performs compared to the above heater?

Does it satisfy the heating and cooling needs you bought it for, or does it exceed or fall short of what you expected?
Mini-splits are 5 to 2 times more efficient on average electricity usage wise, lower when temps are lower outside.

For install, basic electrical, and some common handy man ability is needed.
The hardest part is vacuuming the lineset (copper tubes that connect inside and outside). You can buy a pre-flared lineset to reduce the need for flare tools. There are torque ratings on the connections.

If all fails, you can hire in an installer to help you, although they may not want to work with off brand, or not back up the work.
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