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Originally Posted by insaneintenti0n View Post
Units almost don't work at all <32deg F
My unit has continued to produce sufficient heat at 13F.

There is a possibility that your insulation, etc. is not what it could be.

I know that Xringer's house is not insulated very well in the walls, so he has had an unusual amount of interaction with his minisplit(s).

My house is over insulated, and my little heat pump (3/4 Ton) just keeps whispering along.

Admittedly, where I live in Western Oregon, the weather is fairly mild, especially for it's latitude.

All ASHPs do put out a reduced amount of heat as it gets colder, that's pretty much 'baked in the cake'.

You never mentioned what part of the country you live in?

The ambient weather actually does matter.

Also, you didn't mention if your outside units are installed on concrete pads or are directly installed on the wall of a frame house.

That matters too.

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