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Install Cost:
Central A/C including duct work installed quote: ~$13k
Mini Split: $16.6k

Heating cost:
Typical winter month on a 1970s natural gas boiler with water filler radiators - $200-$300/month (For all gas/elec utils in my house)
Mini-split: ~$300 on the 'warm' winter month (roughly Nov, I went right back to the boiler)
Units almost don't work at all <32deg F

Yes, they're are WAY quieter than a window/wall unit, luckily, but, they still wake me in the middle of the night as the compressor kicks on and the freon flows. Winter months are the worst as it's a loud 'tick', rather than just the normal drone of a window unit.

I can also hear one of the outside units kick on when the compressor kicks on and the fan spins up. That unit IS under a set of windows though.

Already had a entire outdoor unit replaced (<6 months). Compressor died. Luckily under warranty and not out of my pocket, but, probably would have been a $4k cost w/o a warranty.

Mitsubishi Mr Slim
MXZ-2B20NA (2T) - Qualified for Fed tax credit
MXZ-4B36NA (3.6T) - Did not qualify for the tax credit

MSZ-GE09NA x2 (9k BTU)
MSZ-GE06NA x4 (6k BTU)
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