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Originally Posted by insaneintenti0n View Post
I hate minisplits.
My experience has been positive, so let's compare notes...

Originally Posted by insaneintenti0n View Post
They're expensive to buy.
My minisplit is a Sanyo, which is considered a pretty good brand. I've had mine for about five years now, and I thought that the price was amazingly low. Especially considering the level of technical development.

Originally Posted by insaneintenti0n View Post
Heating is expensive.
My minisplit has lowered my heating bill an amazing amount. My electric bill has increased, but only modestly. In fact, my electric bill is now lower than it was ten years ago, and it includes heating. I formerly heated with gas, and my natural gas consumption has fallen to a point so low, that I'm paying more for the various gas service charges than for the fuel I consume. I'm still using gas for hot water (demand heater) and some cooking, although I am now primarily using induction cookers.

In short, my cost for heatiing is less than half of what it was previously.

Originally Posted by insaneintenti0n View Post
Expensive to maintain.
In the five years I have had my minisplit, I have spent nothing on maintenance because there have been no problems.

Originally Posted by insaneintenti0n View Post
And louder than you would expect.
Did you mount your outdoor units directly to a wood-frame house?

When my unit comes on in the morning, I can hear a bit of air noise in the begining, but after the initial warmup period (10 minutes) I am generally unaware that the minisplit is running at all.

I can't hear the outdoor unit at all when I'm inside the house. When I'm outside and it is working really hard, I can hear it if I am not too far away.

When the outside unit is working just to maintain temperature level, on a winter evening, and I'm outside, it is practically unnoticeable, unless I am standing right by it.

Originally Posted by insaneintenti0n View Post
If I could do it over, I wouldn't have bought mine. (A 3T and a 2T running a total of six indoor blowers)
Sounds like you have a very large heating (& cooling?) load.

I have looked at the efficiency of multi-head versus single head units, and from an efficiency standpoint, the single head units are more efficient.

It would be very interesting to know more details about your setup and your experiences.

My impression is that most minisplit owners have been very satisfied with the performance, reliability and economy of their units.

It would be important to know more details as to why minisplits have been such a bad experience for you.

Then, hopefully other people could avoid the apparent mis-application that you experienced.

Sorry it worked out badly...


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