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Dear Geo NR Gee
Thank you for your attention

I'll try to simplify my doubts dividing the questions in parts.

Part one
I have a box that I believe will allow me to make a wood stove double chamber. So far I have a lot of information about how to try to build it.
The first fundamental question is: Could I use a chimney of 5 inches for a project box with 64 X 46 cm by 40 cm deep or should I go to 8 inches or more?

The second question concerns the use of a second thick steel box (measuring approximately 40 cm by 9 mm thick) resting directly on the output of the second burning gases, welded or supported with other fund on the first box, which would to continue burning for about a meter.

I think of something like the wood stoves double barrel, only in this case the "second barrel" would be a vertical structure of bulk iron would receive the fire resulting from the second firing took place in the main box.
Does the idea make sense?
Or is it just an idea theoretically logic without having good chances to work

Thank you for your attention
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