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Block basic problems that are independent of whether or not to use a second pipe on the primary box.


*1 - I've read that the "hood" of the chimney must not be greater than 8 inches, for good cause suction of exhaust.
I could wear a 5 inch exhaust pipe with stainless steel that I found in the scrap, or be very close to the suction of the exhaust gases?

2 - the front door of the box is quite large
(Approximately 64 centimeters by 46 centimeters)
I would like to opinions about the best way to create a "sealed door."

I thought so far in 2 outputs

Option 1 - Solder a "frame" plate with approximately 8 to 10 centimeters wide at the front of the box, so that could stick two or three rows of "cords" fiberglass sealing flame-retardant, and able tentsar a door completely sealed.

Option 2 - weld the existing door and cut a slot for a smaller door already prefabricated.

As manufactures at home (with the help of a welder with turner course) a control primary air efficient, sealed and with good regulation?
*Well excuse me gentlemen again bad English and the large number of questions, but I appreciate the help of heart because as I said I want to share the learning and who knows fam'lias help low income to heat their homes better, with fewer hazards , more savings and more efficiency.
Thank you for your attention and
Big hugs to all


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