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But first I will explain the reasons for wanting to build one of these "Wood Stoves" here in my country:
Brazil is a big country and there are areas where the winter is very cold for our standards.
I live in a small town called Irati (indigenous name which in Portuguese means "bees that make honey."
this town is in the southern state of Paraná, southern Brazil, about 100 miles from the state capital, Curitiba.
The winters here can last 3-6 months with temperatures between - 6 degrees C and + 12 degrees centigrade and is a mountainous region where it can rain over 100 days a year.
Our homes are not built to have a good protection against the cold, nor have good heating systems.
Here is common to use iron stoves they call "economic stoves" (I even bought one to experiment with heating and firewood consumption).
Not models are very primitive and all have fireplaces.
But the results of my tests were not very good.
In the few years in which I live, I noticed that a large number of families that live in this area, spend lots of firewood in inefficient stoves that return some smoke into our homes.
My goal here is to have your help to build a prototype from the use of a scrap "wood burner Stove" type secundary chamber, which in the future can serve as an example for others to change their heating systems for efficiency in heat production, with less wood consumption.

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