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Default Sanyo blower motor noise fixed

The den indoor unit blower motor noise has been driving me nuts for years.
Latey, the screeching noise has gotten louder. Oddly, my wife can't hear it.
I have very bad hearing at higher frequencies, yet I could hear it from the next room.
Like nails on a blackboard, very irritating.

Last winter we used a Sensibo controller to turn the Sanyo completely off,
when it wasn't heating. Just hated it running the blower at low RPMs)!
Making that horrible racket!

So, today I dug out the spare motor, purchased November 12, 2018. ($102.80)
It took most of the morning to get the new motor installed.
It was a challenge getting the set-screw loose, and not breaking any wires.
Luckily, I didn't have to remove anything but the control module to get to the motor.
It wasn't a really hard job, I'm just getting too dang old.
Last night, I watched some instructional YT videos.

Checked the old motor, by spinning the shaft with my fingers. It made the noise!
I was surprised that soaking the bearings on both ends with lube didn't reduce the the noise.
Maybe something is scraping inside the body of the motor.?.

Anyways, we hope to get another season of heat from this old Sanyo..
I can't believe how quiet these things run when new!
It almost seems like turning the fan up to high, is giving higher RPMs / more air flow.?.

It's kept the den cool all summer. Now summer is just about over.
I really wanted to turn on the heat this morning..
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