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I have had nothing but good results from my Snow Joe, and nothing but problems with my 2nd gen Toro. The handle of the Snow Joe is much stronger (despite the hinge points. The top handle of the Toro feels like it could snap off.

I sheared the hub of the main drive pulley in the Toro twice; when the impeller gets stopped by something, like a small bit of wood, or a chunk of ice. The 1st gen Toro is great, but the 2nd gen ain't up to snuff.

The balance of the Toro is a bit better, but you can use the lowest crossbar on the Snow Joe handle to pick it up.

Snow Joe has made it through two winters - and this one was a DOOZY. I had it working through several storms where just the top of the chute was visible above the snow, and it kept on working. If the air temp drops to the low single numbers, the clutch on the impeller slips a bit more than otherwise. But with a bit of smooth use, it warms up and keeps on going. Just don't leave it out in subzero nights.

The Snow Joe works as well, or better than the older Toro.
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