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Default I lost a good friend today.

My 1st gen Toro Powercurve electric snow blower has finally failed me. Originally purchased in 09, my Toro has been a trusted companion through many a winter. This year being especially challenging here in greater Boston. My Toro has handled everything I have asked of it even this years record setting blizzards, but today something was different. I have yet to tear it down to find the true problem but it smells like a fried motor. One thing I know is these are not really friendly to repairs so I doubt it would be cost effective to fix. Based on Neil's reveiw of the Snow Joe along with other reveiws on Amazon- I have a new 15 amp model on its way.
I'll open up the Toro in the warm of spring and if repairable, pass it on to my mother to help with her deck and walks.
For now you rest my dear Powercurve.
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