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I also have a Samsung 5000 series lcd tv , only in the 40" size , without all the energy savings labels and buttons. It does how ever have all of the needed controls to adjust its wattage consumption from a high of around 200w to a low slightly below 50 watts.
I use it with the back lighting on 2 (out of 10) with the contrast set near full and brightness as high as possible without making the blacks too bright. It consumes 50w with those settings. If I feel like a real bright experience say for a darkly recorded movie i will switch it over to dynamic mode with the back lighting on 8 , later i switch it back as not only does it consume unnecessary electricity it strains my eyes.

The kill-a-watt meter paid for it self with just the tv adjustments i made using it. I found the back lighting setting 3 had a large wattage increase from the 2 setting, yet provided little to no noticeable effect with the picture brightness.
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