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Do you have a cold weather cord? Mine are regular cords, and the get really stiff and hard to handle, and they get wound up and tangle sometimes. When I mow with an electric mower, I start close to the plug and do rows back and forth moving away from the plug. The cord always is on the part I've already mowed and the mower always stays clear of the cord.

The driveway is a different dynamic, and I do one pass in the middle or down one side. Then at the snow plow pile, I do ~1/2 width passes across throwing the snow onto the sides. And this lets me clear a flare to widen the end. Then I do a pass back up the driveway moving away from the cord. It works easier if the snow is being thrown away from the cord, so it doesn't get buried - not being able to see the cord is not good.
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