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Cordless has definite advantages, but also definite disadvantages. Portability is big advantage, and limited use time is a big disadvantage. Batteries will wear out, and they will need replacing.

A corded tool costs a bit less, even with the cost of a 100' cord included, and you can keep working and working with the tool as long as you physically can. Also, the electricity used for corded is significantly less - charging and discharging losses are non-trivial.

We just got our third snow storm of this winter, and it left us about 8 inches of powder. It was ~4F when I went out to clear the snow. Me and my Snow Joe ( Snow Joe Ultra 18-IN 13.5 AMP Electric Snow Thrower - SJ620 ) and a 200 foot extension cord ...

Cleared a 90 foot long driveway, including the plow pile and:
Two ~36 foot driveways, , including both plow piles and:
A ~55 foot path between the house and the long driveway and:
A ~40 foot path to the compost bin and:
An access area to the fire hydrant, through the plow pile.

In about and hour and a half.

With about 16 cents of electricity.
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