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I'm not trying to steer the readers away from wanting to use the gauge. Just stating that it isn't the way it's done in the field. Many do recommend it but few actually use it themselves.

The gauge is a great time saver because instead of running the pump X amount of time after it hits 30" you can look at the gauge and know you are there. Say the system gets there in say 1hour but without the gauge you follow SOP and you end up running the pump 2hours instead just to make sure you got there because you didn't have the tool to verify so you overshoot. My point is both get you to the same place just one takes longer to make sure.

Yes there are allot of really cool ideas on here which is why I like the board. Not afraid to try something different. I am impressed with the attention to detail I see here. Like the gauge there are other areas that you guys go above and beyond SOP in the field. Course allot more fun and easier than the stuff we did fixing coolers in kitchens, grocery stores etc.. Try building a grocery store with used equipment the owner provides...
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