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Been lurking here for a while. Seems to be a good group of people that like to engineer and build stuff instead of the common ones that think you can't do that... (something that is missing anymore) Anyway

I have installed quite a few mini spits and other units. I used to do commercial refrigeration. The LG units are good. They have a little better quality to some of their smaller parts than some others.

The issues I have with any of them is usually related to drainlines being goofy size or material and difficult to plumb into other pipe. Very thin rubitex on the line sets. (the white will hold up to UV regular black type will not)

I have installed a few Pridiom units and to be honest most all minisplits are made the same with the exception of the mitsubishi. The Pridiom ones are the best bang for the buck that I have found. I have a condenser for one that I plan to use in the shop as a second AC once I get an inside unit for it.

Mitsubishi now has a goofy install and I will not install a multizone one for anyone. They are overcomplicated. They use Y pipes instead of direct runs. The Y pipes have to be installed within 10* of flat or vertical and then there are electrical sub boxes that the units talk to before they talk to the condenser. Difficult install and makes it nearly impossible to install in many houses without tearing out drywall etc go get things where they need to be.

A couple tips. The main failure on the inverter systems is the power supply. The capacitors for the 380v DC are big and since they are outside in the heat in a box that makes even more heat the caps tend to blow over time. Usually you can just replace the caps with new ones and all is well again and you can get higher heat rated caps that are better than OE.
During install I have had some units not communicate. This is 99.9% due to the inside unit being assembled incorrectly at the factory. There are 3 wires two 110 and one com wire. Well what they don't tell you and the tech reps don't know is that part of the communication is also on one of the 110 leads. What happens is they hook them up backwards at the factory at times and it will never work.
So if you install a system and it comes up with a communication error swap the two 110 feed wires to the outside unit and it will most likely work. That's how I ended up with an extra Pridiom condenser cause the tech reps didn't know their product. I figured it out when I pulled out my oscilloscope.

For tools the Harborfreight vacuum pump works great. Go with the small one. You don't need the high CFM. In fact most techs I know still working use their pumps cause they are often stolen or dropped so why have a $$$ one.
The Micron meter is nice but I have never once seen a tech use one or even have one.
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