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I don't consider it possible to own water, but I live in the tropics and have a connection to the Atlantic Ocean in my backyard.

Being able to heat with the mini-splits in SC is apparently a blessing this winter. I see Duke Energy surprised a few people with bills 2x what they are accustomed to receiving. I have friends who live in a log cabin outside Spartanburg, SC. Despite dropping their thermostat 4 degrees, and heating primarily with wood, their electric bill still went up more than $50 over the previous month which was higher than previous years. I simply reminded them they should put up a PV system on their pole barn.

My power company read my meter today. My total purchase from the grid was under 150kWh for the month, after subtracting my 315kWh net metered. (~140kWh went straight from my panels to my house, without turning the meter.)
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