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Originally Posted by Milford View Post
I'm relatively new to this site, so sorry if this is in the wrong category.

I have a section of my barn walled off and insulated with air conditioner. During the summers we keep our show cattle in the "cooler" to stay cold and grow hair. I'm here to find out if it's possible to bury a huge loop of pex and connect it a both sides to a deep freeze. It would then get filled with water/antifreeze solution. If we pumped this cold fluid through the pex, would we see a temperature change in the barn?

If so I would appreciate any feedback/tips/other ideas.

Thank you
In theory, this approach would work. The only problem with this idea is that the deep freezer cooling system won't have enough capacity to cool the building unless it it's super insulated. That and the condensing unit (which generates heat) is part of the freezer and would heat the space if the freezer was situated inside the space to be cooled.

If you fill the whole freezer with water and allow it to slowly reach a certain (low) temperature, the idea would work well until your thermal reservoir ran out of charge. After a while, the system would reach a balance point a few degrees below the average temperature of the building. The rig would do a good job of leveling the afternoon swing, due to the inherent thermal mass.

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