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I figure that the heat will still transfer to the water without a pump but not be as efficient just from the difference in temps. With that said when the temp gets high enough and you have the pump turned off the temp of the water will still be rising due to convection when the fire is still going.

For temp control you could place a large jar or something on the line so the heat will be pumped to the tank then after it leaves the tank it will flow into the jar that will have a temp sensor in it and a separate line running out to the stove. This will allow you to set the pump based of how much heat is being pushed through but you will have to set it a little higher than the required temp of the water. Also if you do this on both sides of the line you can see the difference in incoming and out going temp.

I would test the setup with the 40 gal tank to start then add a fish or two if you are not heating the water to much then after it is working move it to the 210gal. It would be a bit more work but you might want to move the fish to the 40gal when testing the 210gal and then after you see how quickly it heats and cools move a fish or two over and see how they do.
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