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Default 5 Ton GSHP Build

AC Hacker Wrote:

I think it would be advisable to regularly monitor your incoming loop temp, especially at the point where the water leaves your HX. That's the critical point. Maybe with some kind of alarm.

In deed the installed ground loop is only 4 ton but this is a continuous demand rate. The 5 ton GSHP will only require 5 Ton worth of heat on occation. Weekends and after hours temps are set back and not always do we experience -20 Deg C. temps. With the propylene glycol in the ground loop we can theoretically go <0 Deg C. But Extremly bad idea. However as we approach 0 Deg C. there is a lot of latent heat there. But I promise I'm not going there. Not to mention what could happen to our COP.

The whole idea here is to save money hacking your own heat-pump. To-date this is my third build and a lot of time invested. Hopefully now I will be able to keep the shop warm and save enough to have made it all worth-while. I have learned alot. Maybe with the money I will save I can invest in more insulation.

With the VFD I can control how much heat is being pumped. At 6:00 am I can ramp up for the 5 ton for a couple hrs till I get into the shop then drop back to 3 ton while I'm there working and then cruise through the night at 2 Ton.

AC Hacker you are right just because you have 600 HP under the hood you don't need it all the time. Periodically if you want to put the peddle down to pass or pullout its nice to have it on tap. Otherwise to cruise to work on 50 HP it still gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

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