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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
The variable-speed compressor is the icing on the cake with your rig. It should be able to allow you to do whatever you want to with the new unit. At start-up, you can save power. Then you can ramp up to whatever capacity you need, then slow down to maintain a high COP near your target temp. It should save you a lot of energy and pay itself off quickly.
All true, but randen now has a compressor that is capable of extracting heat more rapidly from his loop field than it is able to provide.

As long as he runs the compressor below that limit, no problem... but if he goes above it, there would be problems.

randen, I think it would be advisable to regularly monitor your incoming loop temp, especially at the point where the water leaves your HX. That's the critical point. Maybe with some kind of alarm.

It's as if you now have a very large engine under the hood of your car, and you need to be more cautious when you drive.


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