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AC Hacker
You are correct That is the cheap foam insulation. For the temps involved it should be just fine. But for exterior applications (solar) it would not do the suns exposure turns it to dust and it could melt. The foam for the GSHP will tolerate the -20 Deg C to 60 Deg C enclosed away from light. I did use the rubber foam for the 2 ton unit.

The suction tube HX is just a guess. I wasn't going to put one in. Thought I would give it a little try.

The lengths of tube are about 26 ft three pcs of 3/8 copper tube twisted for turbulance inside 1.5" dia outer tube.

I had a thought for a tube in tube HX if anyone would like to try. It should be easy with ABS drain tube for the outer shell and 1/2 copper for the refrigerant. All the fittings you require can be purchased at the hardware store. You could fasten these to wall or up in the floor joists any length you want for minimal dollars.

The buttons belong to the CNC lathe. I've been operating machine tools for 35 yrs. Although the learning curve is steep and long for these things. I don't touch the manual stuff anymore. The new machines with their on screen programming are fabulous.


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