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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Well I almost killed my little electric wood chipper.
I took the guard off the top so I could fit more sticks in it. It's definitely dangerous, it's a good way to lose some fingers.
It's also about 10x easier to overload the little machine.
So I got the armature so hot it melted the cooling fan off the end of the motor.
I need a better cooling system. I took a 3 inch aluminum duct, hole sawed the fan cover so the aluminum duct will fit in side then spray foamed it into place, hooked it up to an old noisy bathroom fan to force air through the motor.
Now I can cool the motor with the wood chipper off.
I still may need to get a gasoline powered one.

I was looking at electric ones and the cheapest I could find was over $2,000.
Please post a picture that sounds hilarious.
do you have 220V power readily available? you could probably pick up a free gas chipper on craiglist and slap a "5hp compressor motor" on it as a direct engine replacement.

FYI mine has no fan at all.
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