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I as well am on the edge of my seat to see what Mike will come up with. The liquid cooled IGBTs will be a big help. When you start to draw current to keep an efficient home powered the resulted heat for the inverting will create a lot of heat localized in those semiconductors.

I understand what you are thinking trying soft start and multiple compressors and this is a valiant effort however these will only be subject to diminishing returns as the resultant steady draw will be the problem.

If you put your hotwater tank, cookstove clothes dryer and home heating on propane and operate the other loads on solar maybe!!!

It will always be not enough panels and not enough storage.

During the summer we usually have enough for everything the geothermal are air conditioning, cars are charging clothes are getting washed computers lights and all the creature comforts.

Put two or three days of overcast it all comes to a screeching halt.

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