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The reason why I'm looking at reusing a Prius inverter rather than building one from scratch, apart from it already having the hard work of all the gate drive and critical current path layout already done, is because it's actually cheaper to buy that rather than the parts to build a comparable inverter power stage from scratch!

DIY EV builders have pushed Prius inverters a lot harder than my application ever will. In fact, it will only get pushed to a fraction of what it would operate at in its original application.

At this point, I'm building the PLC transmitter for the current sensor. It will use a pair of PLL synthesizers with a crystal reference to ensure the carriers don't drift due to component aging and temperature variations. (They'll be fairly close together in frequency so I need to make sure they won't drift into each other.) The signal will be applied to both phases and the inverter will use receive diversity to improve robustness to EMI.
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