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Rule of thumb is 50 feet above anything within 500 feet, so unless you have a very large flat chunk of lake front property it will not work, 12mph wind is really what you need to make it worth while and while you most likely have 12mph at 60 feet and for sure at 90 feet you most likely do not have that kind of energy in the wind at 20 feet.
However most zoning allows you to build a tower that the fall zone is on your property so as long as your lot is 100 feet by 100 feet there is often little that any cry babies can do to keep you from putting a 50 foot tower at the center of your lot.
but even if it's next to your house and 50 feet tall, a turbine that low will rip it's self apart in a few years because the wind speed at the top of the blade arc and at the bottom of the blade arc are drastically different that it will cause vibration and noise and the vibration will cost you money and the noise will annoy people so with a taller tower it will be quieter and be a better investment.
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