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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
I'll try some bubblewrap with aluminum foil on one side tomorrow and see the difference that makes, but there are slim chances that the rest of my housemates will want to look at a window ornament like that
It turned out that my windows are larger than the width of the alu-bubble-wrap I have, and since I didn't want to cut just for this experiment, I used the following set-up:
Not purdy, but still gets the job done. Without the bubblewrap the temperature of the roller blinds was 13.5C and the glass underneath was 4.7C. With the bubblewrap up (alu side facing the room) those temps were 10.8C and 4C, resp. The surface of the bubblewrap was 16.5-17C (warmer than the walls in the room!!) and I could feel the heat bouncing off of it. I could also feel the cold air pouring out from behind the bubblewrap. Making the set-up just the right size, and sealed all around the perimeter, would do wonders
The outdoor temperature was around -22C during the test.

I just remembered that I once saw (in California in the mid-2000's) a house with roller blinds made out of something reflective. They seemed like a good idea, both as thermal insulation in the winter and as a sunshade in the summer. I haven't seen any houses with them since then. Maybe I could retrofit my blinds?
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