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About 7 years ago we installed a hillbilly hot tub a 6' diameter galvanized stock tank.
we wrapped the wall with about 1" of flexible foam insulation and placed the tub on 2" of styrofoam wrapped in a tarp. We started out with a propane hot water tank with snap switches running the circulation pump. we tried a babington burner using used veggie oil, and later added a barrel stove, put in a liner & insulated the space between and made a heat exchanger out of 1 1/2" galvanized pipe in the firebox for the last 4 years we now heat the tub with wood. The stove is lower than the tub, so thermosyphons and needs no pump. We do not like chemicals so had to change the water at least once a week in warm weather. Two years ago we build a sand filter in a 50 gallon barrel and use a float switch and a shurflow 12V pump powered by a solar panel. Now we have crystal clear sweet smelling water and seldom change the water When we first fill the tank after our Mexican winter we first pour a gallon of bleach into the filter then fill the system through the filter, the bleach is very diluted and after running through the heater loses its chlorine smell. The firewood we burn is obtained from a local mill which puts its unused log offcuts in a pile and allows locals to take.
I think we have a pretty good system, tho we will have to buy a new stock tank for next summer.
Cheers, this is my first post for a few years as we are super busy building a house.
Just poured the master bed rm floor over radiant pipes today.
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