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So it has now been a year since I broke 800 KWh in a single month. My next goal is to figure out how I can get my average below 600 KWh. Shouldn't be too much change, currently the average is 614.58. I know one of my biggest consumers (outside of laundry) is my 60+ year old freezer. I need to start shopping for an affordable but more energy efficient one. Considering setting up some drying racks in the basement that I can use over the winter as well but not sure how well that will work. I have multiple fans I can put in place to move air around. Also considering doing more hand washing of stuff.

Finally got the rest of the carpet removed and also removed the vinyl "wood grain" flooring. Found my first unknown but expected problem. Apparently there was a water leak that damaged the sub floor and instead of fixing it they just put carpet and the vinyl over everything. On the plus side just gives me another reason to remodel the master bath and add a small shower before I do the main bathroom. Downside is I have to remove the wood flooring without damaging it as much as possible.
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