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Haven't done much on the house, still working on fixing the truck. 16 years of rust has been a royal pain to remove. On the plus side last month my electric bill was down 67% and this month looks like it will be down about 30%. It's been a lot cooler summer which is nice. Have not broke 1,000 kWh since the end of August last year. Once I pay off some debt considering looking into some solar panels but really should probably rewire the house first. Biggest problem is I want 20A to each room (three bedrooms, living room, dining/kitchen) and I want each room on it's own circuit. Also want a 210 outlet in the garage and it on it's own circuit as well. Considering separating the lights to their own circuits since I can run the outlets through the basement and then run the lights up the area the stack for the furnace goes up or the area where the vent goes.

Will have to replace the fuse block as well to get it up to code. May be next years project to rewire the house.
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