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thanks for the clarification... i tend to be a little on the paranoid side when it comes to the gov't...

i was unclear as to whether or not the cut off was big brothers way to control me. im glad it is for the safety of others. in that case i am all for safety. if being safe helps me save money, then safety is paramount...

And at my peak usage:
utility says roughly 45kw avg a day.

this can be cut down, and im averaging for a particularly hot summer, which saw 3 weeks straight 100*f plus temps in july...

this is my first year in this house, so its tough to tell what the normal usage is. i haven't done much to increase efficiency yet, so my average can be cut drastically.
i have CFL's
i have a Timer on my bedroom tv center
I have a smart powerstrip on my living room tv center.
i have room darkening blinds, and curtains.
and my clothes washer is energy star @ $13/yr
i just upgraded my rear sliding glass door, to Energy Star french doors.

its a work in progress...

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