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Originally Posted by d3vi1d06 View Post
Also i want to convert my entire house, including appliances, to DC. I understand that the inverter takes care of the DC to AC conversion, but like i said, i want to be completely off grid, and DC uses less power, so i will need a smaller PV source...

So a Rectifier in all appliances is in order, or just one for the entire house?
It sounds like there are big holes in your source knolage, a big reason for using AC is that high voltage AC tends to be safer then high voltage DC, low voltage DC is both expensive an wasteful because of the line loss so any system that has low voltage DC tends to keep those runs as short as possible, as in less then 10 feet, less then 5 feet is even better! also PV panels produce DC electricity so you don't need a rectifier at all, also if your lines are under 30v (24v battery bank, but please do not take my word on this part) then I don't think the electrical code is very strict at all, but your cost in wire sky rockets and your cost in low voltage DC appliances sky rockets, to the point where the only way you could ever save any money is if you are building a cabin out in the middle of no where, where it would cost you $10,000 to bring in the power lines.

As for the disconnects, your AC inverter has to be designed to now allow it to back feed in to the grid when the grid is down, this is so you do not kill line men.
Your system also is required to have a service disconnect that is out side of your house so if your house is on fire the fire department can turn it off, preventing firemen from being electrocuted and dying, this is not a remote disconnect that is located at the secret underground government center, this is on the outside of your house that is used to prevent death of those who are trying to keep your house from burning to the ground, if you have an issue with this please post large signs at the ends of your drive way so all firemen showing up at your house know that they should let your house burn instead of risking their lives.

If you fallow the electrical code, you should end up with a system that is safe for everyone, will save you money and that the only way to turn it off is to be standing out side of your house in plain sight, turning off a large switch that you could then turn back on.

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