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Default Secretly off grid

okay. so after extensive research into NC and Federal laws, apparently in order to have a solar panel on my roof, my private property, furthermore using the sun which only God owns, i must use a grid tie inverter. I must have a Federal approved grid tie inverter that has a Kill switch so that the power company can turn my solar array off at will... I don't like this one bit.

So, being that i am fairly new to the PV thing, i am relying on your foundation of knowledge...

I want to comply with the law so that they wont complain, but i want to hack the system so that i can be off grid when i choose, not when the state chooses... im PV dumb, but not electrical dumb...

Also i want to convert my entire house, including appliances, to DC. I understand that the inverter takes care of the DC to AC conversion, but like i said, i want to be completely off grid, and DC uses less power, so i will need a smaller PV source...

So a Rectifier in all appliances is in order, or just one for the entire house?

How would i be able to achieve all this?

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