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Default End of June Status

So, due to El Nino, the South is starting to experience drought conditions. While they may not be as bad as California has previously experienced, only time will tell. We have had a few thunderstorms, but they have all been pretty small and localized. The last couple of thunderstorms have completely missed my house, ugh! Here is the precipitation we have gotten in my area:

So, with such low rain numbers, how is the garden doing? Quite well actually. I haven't watered the garden once, until last night! I have been picking plenty of squash, green beans, and cucumbers. I haven't gotten any ripe tomatoes yet, but I have tons of green ones ready to start ripening up. I am now a firm believer in light colored mulch, it really helps reflect the heat and keep the moisture in the soil. Here is pictures of my garden last night, right before I watered everything.

I didn't have a chance to check the garden out this morning, but I think the 2 hours of drip hose irrigation should have helped. I may water again tonight or tomorrow night depending on how everything looks. Yes, I need to do something with all the grass and weeds growing. I am starting to lay some cardboard down to suppress the weeds. I will cover the cardboard up with some more wood chips and just leave it there to decompose and help keep the weeds at bay.

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