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Higgy and others I apologize

I should have taken a photo of the finished bird. But I had some hungry customers and the turkey needed to get to the plates.
As I had mentioned the turkey was removed from the spit and cut down the breast opening up like a butterfly, basted a little and placed back on the grill over a wood charcoal from a fire I had started earlier.
The propane burner is removable and can be quickly stored away and the charcoal embers can be placed beneath the grill and the BBQing can continue.
This last step put the finish brazing to the turkeys skin.

As this was the first attempt at this procedure we were all surprised at the flavor that the wood charcoal had imparted in the turkey meat so quickly as well as the moisture that remained. It only took an additional 45mins.

Mikesolar I'm sure you ate well in Nova-Scotia. They can be quite fancy there too!


Next time I will include the complete photo diary of the Argentine Parrilla.
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