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Yeah, the music choices are bewildering.

I have come to understand that there are some companies that are creating 'regionalistic' programming, and positioning it so that it sounds just like it was coming from the area you're interested in, but then they will insert an ad in English.

I've found that with a little additional effort you can connect with the real thing.

Many stations, even very small ones, will have a streaming service. And if they stream on the Internet and you can pick it up on your computer, you can set up "Added Stations", which will be available under the 'Addded Stations' menu.

I really enjoy listening to foreign music too, it reminds me that the US is only 4% of the world's population, and that the other 96% are making some very interesting music.

But, I use mine mostly for information, as I can get world information (and information about the US) that I can't get otherwise.

For instance, there was a very interesting discussion on BBC Radio 4 about how the US military recruits and uses local Iraqi and Afghani translators, who then became traitors in the eyes of the locals. These interpreters are promised US citizenship, and the US, in some cases, do not follow through on their promise, or in other cases, the process takes so long (up to two years) that the entire families of the interpreters (mother, father, sisters, brothers) were murdered.


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