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Lightbulb My Renovation/Lemme Fix It thread.

So I am finally posting my home renovation thread. I plan to list everything I need to fix and all the stuff I plan on doing...
This will get cleaned up and what have you as I knock things off and think of new things.

Current List:
  • Wrap hot water heater <installed!>
  • Insulation box for attic
  • Fix cold water valve at kitchen sink - WHY WATER HAMMER???
  • Install air vent outlet diffusers
  • Install power meter on hot water heater (skipped, just adding the timer)
  • Finish master bedroom floor <handled>
  • Add toe mouldings the master bedroom (bought, 1/2 done)
  • Replace all bulbs with CFL, etc. (mostly done)
  • Hot water heater timer <INSTALLED!>
  • Third bedroom floor
  • Seal front light switch from cold air! <handled>
  • Buy and install garbage disposer.

Feel free to suggest additions. I'm looking to be as frugal as possible...

In it for the money (savings)

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