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Default BBQ ing Argentina Style

My wife immigrated to Canada from Argentina and the melding of cultural benefits are great. One I would like to share with the Ecorenovators. During this hot weather a BBQ was the order of the day. Who wants to heat a kitchen in this weather.

Long before I met my wife cooking on a propane BBQ was routine and I was proud of my work there and my friends would also commend me with their fine Canadian Beef, steaks BBQ ed to their perfection. Little did I know back then.
While just dating my now wife we were sitting in my back yard enjoying a wine infront of a fire. She procceeded to explain how in Argentina they cooked over a natural wood fire. My first thought was, do you not have propane in Argentina? Yes, but the flavors of meat cooked over a wood charcol fire cannot be beat. OK. Fine resturants in Agrentina cook over a wood coal grill.

I ran to the fridge grabbed some butterfly pork chops removed the grate from the propane BBQ set them on some bricks and moved some red hot wood coals under the grill and my life changed there and then. The butterfly pork chops were the best I had tasted.

After some trips to Argentina and exposure to their methods of grilling over wood charcoal WOW. Upon my return home I built a Argentine style (Parrilla) BBQ. I still have a lot of learning to do but its a huge success. The meat that comes off this Parrilla is out of this world!!! Its a social and or familly event. Build the fire and let it burn to coals while enjoying a beverage sitting around chatting. As the flames die and turn to coals you place your meat over and slowly cook, tasting from time to time until perfection . It is slow but I must tell you it is beyond fantastic. Different woods, different subtle flavours. We are using apple wood now but our other favourite is maple wood.

All my friends really appreciate the Parrilla. The social event that surrounds the BBQ ing is called Asado.

Being a fellow ecorenovator this life style fits well. Keep the heat outside, Save the propane for refrigerant. I may add that being a hardy Canadian the parrilla is even fired up in the winter when the snow is flying. One still has to eat!!

Photos of the parrilla, note the slot for a rottisserie spitt. the grill can be removed and raised and lowered. A light is inside for asados during the latter evenings. The meat tonight is pork loin with corn cobbs boiling. I'll add just a dash of sea salt and another sip.


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