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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post
Certainly a very worthy goal.

I hope you start a well-documented thread, I think there will be great interest in your efforts.

Best Luck,

Yes I plan to document it thoroughly. I need a camera though. When the Mrs. moved out she took the camera along with everything else. I see that the biggest lack in energy efficient knowledge is in the field of tightening up old houses. On Saturday I went to a house that has already had 3 energy audits. I guess the work they did made a little difference. Not much though. I still managed to measure air pouring out of a recessed light at 2 meters/second. I couldn't even get the house to 50 pascals with the blower door. The home owner was all gung ho about installing insulation but it will do him little good when there is a hole in his basement going right into his unconditioned crawl space. o.0
You can have a 24" spray foam wall that will do you nothing if your house moves that much air. In new construction (what we hear about most) making things air tight is pretty easy. Still getting to passivehaus levels (.6 ACH @ 50) is very difficult. Even getting to 1 is pretty hard. You need to put the blower door in backwards, pressurize the house and walk around with a smoke pen to find all of the air leaks. For an older house you could just pressurize and set up a fog machine to see where air is moving with some people on the outside also.
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