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Default Compost as a Heat Source

Compost as heat source?
I am starting this thread on the suggestion of A/C Hacker whose thread "Homemade Heatpump Manifesto" inspired me. A well composted mass often reaches temperatures of 150-180 degrees Fahrenheit. With careful planning this heat can be generated and used efficiently even in a suburban setting. With unrest in the middle east, competition from China for energy, and a lack of renewable energy infrastructure energy prices are bound to rise making "compost heat" more attractive. Over the next few months I intend to discuss collecting compost from a variety of sources, composting methods, collecting and using compost heat, using by products of the composting process, and the advantages and disadvantages of compost compared to other fuel sources. I invite bloggers to participate in sharing knowledge and experience. For so long we have been dependent on cheap fossil fuels that we have lost our connection to the green energy that mother earth provides. Therefore few people are aware of the potential energy in compost and even fewer utilize it. I hope together we can make our world a more harmonious and sustainable system.

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