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I got the LEDs for about $65 for 1000 pcs. There are 20 LEDs in each of the arrays, so one array costs about $1.30 for LEDs, plus some scrap plexiglass, some solder and a couple of pieces of wire.

To get the equivalent of a 40W bulb, my guess is that you would need an array with 40 LEDs, which would cost $2.60 and would use about 0.2 amps.

The strategy with LEDs is to put the lights so they shine right where you need them, and have enough different lights so there is always one light that lights up exactly what you want it to. That way you don't need to light all the lights, you can conserve power by lighting up that area you are using. And if you want to light up the whole house for some reason, you could do that too by turning them all on.

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