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Been a looong time since a login/comment, I look time to time, got the heads up this am on email,,,this thread I have been through myself.

Single hose no good, too much infiltration. I even tried exhaust into the basement, maybe pick back up some heat in daytime. Nope. Just lowered the temp too much, pushed cold back to 1st floor. Returned them, 2 Haier 12k units, approx. $350ea.

Got a new 14kbtu two-hose at HD bargain bin,,,$150-no hoses/manual/box.

It is IN my basement, intake/exhaust out the window, heat ducted to the first floor thru a floor register. Some balance of pressure/flow between. Works good down to 25f, about 85-90f outlet temp. Backed with portable resistance oil heaters($10 at Walmart closeout). All on timers.

This worked as primary heat 2010-2012, 66-68f, small heaters in bath, bedroom on a timer, down comforter/elec.blanky haha. Natural convection worked like a dream, 2nd floor.

This setup ran 30-35kwh/day average, some 50kwh days. Under $100mo mostly. $.07kw/h.

Northern Nevada, 6k feet asl, sub-zero ALOT. When propane was@ $3/gal, bill was $150-300mo, when the whole family was there. 30kbtu cast iron Vermont D/V stove. 900sf all 3 floors, base/1st/2nd. Basement stays 50-55f until it goes sub 0 for days.

I did use the stove some, maybe 10 times/2-4hrs a winter.

I was home maybe 10hrs 6days a week, back then I had a good pay/crappy lifestyle job. :lol: 2 homes/long distance marriage.

By comparison (call it what you will), my home in Idaho ran $100/mo on nat. gas. But back then my wife was running the ??

Don't know if this helps, but you are not alone! I was trying to save $$, running 2 homes/heating.

I rolled R19 on top of R30 in the attic, sealed stuff, a lot done. It was a heat gain/loss effort to learn/improve. Actual heat loss was 10-15k btu/h at night, average. What I found was a lot of mis-info, plenty of 'tribal knowledge' out there in the world of heating.

I should post the solar air/air window heater@160f outlet, some other fun stuff

Good Luck!
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